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Zomick’s – Homey and Comfortable Place for Everyone

Since taste preferences and food limitations differ from person to person, there can be no universal way of making food, which is why food preparation techniques vary from culture to culture. However, people from certain cultures or religions often adopt same methods of preparing food.

Faith and its influence have played an important role in defining those methods developed from religious dietary laws. A great example of cultural food turning into globally popular cuisine is kashrut, the Jewish dietary law. Established in 1966, Zomick’s kosher bakery offers traditional Jewish baked goods. Those are pastries, cakes, cookies, challah, pita, bagels, babka, rugelach, borekas, sufganiyot and more. Also, it offers authentic Jewish-style and European bread as well as delightful desserts. Continue reading Zomick’s – Homey and Comfortable Place for Everyone