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Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Cravings with Zomick’s Bakery

Having a sweet tooth can be a struggle, especially if you’re trying to keep a healthy diet. Unless this isn’t something you’re having every day, there is no reason to hold back from this sweet treat. As with most things in life, moderation and balance are the keys here! So, don’t deprive yourself.

Allowing yourself a small serving of dessert or an afternoon snack can help you stay on track and prevent full-blown sugar binges. Savor your treat, and then even it out with a little extra exercise. The options are endless when it comes to satisfying your sweet tooth. From decadent and rich to sweet and salty, it’s pretty difficult to go wrong with any dessert.

Sweet Tooth Cravings with Zomick’s Bakery

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Perfect Your Zomick’s Challah Loaf

I believe it’s safe to say challah never gets old. In Jewish culture, the braided challah bread is ensconced in tradition. It symbolizes joy, gathering, faith, trust in God, ultimate redemption and absence of arrogance. Commemorating the weekly Sabbath by eating challah at every Friday dinner and every Saturday lunch is a generations-long tradition and a way of observing the rituals of a Jewish life. But ultimately, the thing that makes this bread so special is its versatility. If you’ve ever been to Inwood, NY, you must have sensed the aroma of the freshly baked loaves spreading from Zomick’s bakery. If you enjoy good bread and are looking to be impressed than this is the place to visit.

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