Zomick’s Kosher Bakery Offers an Old-time Experience

Regardless whether you prefer sweet or savory, there’s one institution that can fulfill both cravings, and that’s the almighty bakery. Prized for its ridiculously indulgent selection of baked goods, Zomick’s holds true to its commitment of serving highest-quality kosher food. This family owned bakery, opened since 1966, is a New York City must-visit for all food lovers.

Located in Cedarhurst, an NYC picturesque neighborhood, this classic kosher bakery pays equal attention to bread and pastries. It’s the perfect place to enjoy an afternoon over a cup of coffee and an excellent dessert, in a soothing, tranquil atmosphere. From traditional loaves of bread to classics like Zomick’s challah bread, seasonal varieties to flavorful twists, the possibilities are nearly endless for anyone in need of a mouthwatering bread.

Zomick’s bakery dates from the middle 60s and is the epitome of a family business. For over 50 years, this bakery has served as one of New Yorkers favorite destinations for delicious pastries and bread. Made with artisanal ingredients and a lot of love, Zomick’s surely has some of the most decadent baked goods in town. That’s why since its establishment, Zomick’s has been among NYC’s most celebrated kosher bakeries.

Over the years, as the neighborhood changed, the bakery adapted to it, but it never lost its authentic vibe and flaky, zesty taste. In here, absolutely everything is divine. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, this bakery is where to sooth it. The bakery’s display cases filled with freshly baked pastries and ideal versions of kosher classics welcome passerby’s to stop, smell and try some of the delicious treats.

Zomick’s Bakery offers many unique products made by their original Zomick’s recipes that cater specifically to the Cedarhurst community. Operating as a fully certified kosher bakery for half a century is just a further testament to Zomick’s unyielding commitment to the local neighborhood and providing what their customers want.

Their main mission is to provide the best-tasting treats that everyone will love. That’s why everything that comes out of Zomick’s bakery is made with heart and caring for the customers. Everything about the business is family and kosher compliant plus everything from the bakery is fresh, hand-made and delicious. Dedicated to bringing its customers the finest kosher bread, cakes, cookies, Zomick’s continues to serve their clients demands.

Zomick’s Kosher Bakery Offers an Old-time Experience
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