Zomick’s Bread – Barley

We all love the smell of fresh bread taken out of traditional ovens. This is our common trait that stirs our sense of security and a home atmosphere. It shares a feeling of warm and delicious meal on the table around which is collected by the whole family.

A national table cannot be imagined without Oven or Challah bread from Zomick’s Bakery. The bread has a distinctive flavor, crunchy crust, and is soft inside. It makes each bite special and ideal for combination with any kind of food. This bread is already available in local markets after 10 o’clock.

Now, every day you can enjoy the impeccable and unique flavor of Zomick’s Oven bread. The warm breakfast tomorrow can start with the traditional Zomick’s bread and with the wonderful sense that comes with each delicious bite.

The event “Zomick’s follows Kosher consumers” was completed with positive outcomes. In addition follows a statement of passers who, had their bags with some of Zomick’s products. We asked them to answer the question:

“Why Zomick’s?”

Martin, a student of the Arts

Age: 21 years

Consumer of: Zomick’s Bread – Barley

“I help my parents with shopping, I choose ultra-healthy products, advise them, inform them what is best for them. I try to explain that through a healthy diet, one can have a healthier life. For months, each day we buy Barley – Wheat bread from Zomick’s Kosher Bakery. I am sure that some changes are easily noticed, at least I noticed them to myself.

Today we, students are subjected to an unhealthy life. This includes a few hours of sleep, a long time spent on faculty lectures, then a little walk, and at the end of the day – collective studying in urban libraries. Then staying late, forgetting and skipping meals. and when we get home trying to satisfy our hunger with anything that comes to our hands.

Well, I stopped living like this. In the morning, for breakfast, I eat toasted barley bread from Zomick’s, butter, and yogurt. Next, I prepared two sandwiches with anything from the refrigerator, but always including vegetables. After lectures, I eat sandwiches while other colleagues eat totally unhealthy dough, then while studying in the library when I feel hungry eat the other sandwich. Meanwhile, I eat some fruit.

When I get home, ready to get into bed, I’m happy and fed. I follow this routine for several months now and I feel great. According to what I read about the ingredients of Zomick’s bread, especially for barley which is in the first place when it comes to healthy food, it is clear that Wheat bread is loaded with vitamins and minerals. Thanks to barley flour which is a source of dietary fiber, a meal with this bread from Zomick’s Kosher Bakery has a high energy value that gives me concentration in learning.“